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Time on the Water is a publisher of fishing related web site and forums. The forums or message boards are high traffic geo specific sites. These sites are the most effective social marketing media to introduce products, brand awareness, call to action, announce specials, and a host of other image related promotions

High Traffic - Refined Targeting
Message Boards or Forums are quickly becoming high target advertising mediums. No other media can provide the reach, retention, or frequency to focused targets advertising on these sites. Unlike typical magazine ads that provide a brief message for a once a month viewing, forums provide a daily impression and an interactive opportunity. It is the perfect place for both branding and call to action ads.  The percentage of engaged potential customers is far higher than even other unfocused off topic social media sources such as Face Book.

Change the Message
Another advantage of advertising on forums is the ability to change the message without costly printing and layout issues.  Ads can be changed with as little as two days notice. The advertising real estate on the page can be changed to accommodate variable sized ads. Advertisers can use static images, animation, or even video to make an impression.

Each advertiser also has a thread in Sponsors Specials. This section was installed to allow companies to inform potential customers of specials and promotions as well as answer FAQ. Companies can post text, images, or video or direct them to specific areas of their own web sites. This is a very powerful tool.

Community Support
Recent data would confirm angler now find the majority of information from the internet. Decisions are made online. The new high profile fishing personalities are developed from localized communities such as forms. Local guides and seasoned anglers are now more visible than TV or magazine personalities.

Even though advertising on our forums is much more effective and reaches more anglers than popular magazines or TV shows, our costs are a fraction of these two media. In most cases the costs for a full season is the same as a single month on popular magazines. Group buys to take advantage of all sites through seasonal patterns is available. Representatives for multiple companies can buy space and share time on a variety of sites.


For advertising sales - or call (705) 717 1002

Since 2003 the LakeSimcoeMessageBoard has been the go-to forum for information about ice fishing the Simcoe region. More than half of the provinces ice angler visit this board during the winter. This forum is the highest traffic fishing related web site in Canada during the winter receiving close to 1 million page views per month.

This is an organic growth board meaning members and visitors are engaged in a long term relationship, unlike high pressure promotion or contest sites that receive a single purpose visit never to return.

Although the name implies local membership, anglers from all over Ontario, Michigan, Ohio, New York, Pennsylvania frequent this popular forum.

More Ice Anglers fish Lake Simcoe than all other Ontario Lakes combined.

The LSMB has also become a very popular 4 season forum maintaining healthy traffic during the spring, summer, and fall.

Ad Rates and more information was established in 2005 and is now the meeting place for Lake Ontario anglers, charter boats, tournament anglers, and clubs and associations. The name spoonpullers represents the majority of the visitors and members in that salmon trolling is the main topic of interest. Although the site is based on Lake Ontario, salmon and trout anglers from all over the Great Lakes visit and post fishing reports on pullers.

Members of this site are represent clubs and associations responsible for Great Lakes stocking and inprinting programs.